Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tetley tea is one of Britians oldest brands of tea, and was one of the first brands to introduce their tea in teabags after they were invented in America in 1920. Since 1953 Tetley has been sold in bagged form and providing refreshment for everyone.

Tetley tastes better when its made by you, how you like it made. Lots of studies have been undertaken to find the best way of making tea, and there isn't one 'best' way. Made with or without milk, Tetley tea tastes great. There have been numerous in-depth studies conducted on thousands of people which prove that drinking tea has positive benefits on health, regardless of the inclusion of milk. Adding milk delivers extra calcium, zinc and potassium. Tea is a naturally rich source of antioxidants and is a natural source of theanine so why not go to buy yourself some and put the kettle on!!

One other thing to remember is that its commonly forgotten that tea is 99.5% water and is actually hydrating. Many of us believe that as tea contains caffeine it is a diuretic. What we don't realise is that unlike coffee, the level of caffeine in a cup of tea is so low that you can have up to 6 cups per day without any duiretic effect. Another brilliant thing about Britains favourite beverage!!

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