Monday, 4 May 2009

Most-missed-teas sell only the top British brands of tea - one of which is PG-Tips - both their Pyramid and loose varities. For those who like to know a little about their tea, where it came, its history etc, here's some information to make your mouth water...........

PG tips Pyramid bags
Pyramid bags give the tea leaves room to breathe so you can get even more out of the great PG tips flavour.
Tea for the traditionalist - add a teaspoon per person (plus one for the pot), and freshly boiled water. Then let the 'tips' infuse for that unmistakeable PG tips flavour.

By choosing PG tips, you and I will be supporting the makers of PG to improve the incomes and livelihoods of tea farmers and their families. So every time we make a cup of PG tips we'll get a lovely warm glow inside, knowing the tea we're enjoying is all sourced in a sustainable way.

In the UK alone, 150 million cups of tea are consumed per day and around 35 million of those are delicious PG tips
An average cup of PG tips is virtually fat free. Drunk black, one cup is calorie free and even with semi-skimmed milk typically contains just 14 calories.
Drinking up to 6 cups of PG tips tea can contribute towards your daily water requirement on 1.5 - 3 litres per day.

1869 - The first brew
1960 - It's in the bag
The makers of PG tips introduce the tea bag to a stunned nation. They catch on quickly and there are reports of mass hysteria. Tea bags soon out-sell loose-leaf tea.
1996 - The 8th wonder of the world - pyramid bags.
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