Wednesday, 6 May 2009

most-missed-teas sells one the countries biggest selling and favourite teas - Yorkshire Tea.

Over ten million cups of Yorkshire Tea are enjoyed every single day.

Yorkshire tea always buy the very best tea for their blends and you can really taste the difference, but there’s more to Yorkshire Tea than just the great taste.

Taylors of Harrogate is one of the few remaining family tea and coffee merchants in the country. Founded in 1886 by an enterprising Yorkshire tea merchant, Charles Taylor, the business quickly gained a reputation for the quality of its teas and coffees.
Charles recognised that regional variations in water affected the taste of tea, so he started to blend his teas specially to suit different water types. The company still blend tea in the same way today and make sure they work in an ethical way to help save the worlds forests too.

Back in 1990 when Yorkshire tea launched their Trees for Life appeal, they really wanted to give something back to the communities they depend on for their tea leaves, and hit upon the idea of planting trees. They provide shelter and food for people and, in the long term, tree planting helps combat environmental problems like soil erosion too. Yorkshire tea didn’t want to plant just a few acres – instead they decided to plant one million trees by the turn of the century.

Nine years later, with the support of Yorkshire Tea drinkers and the help of their main partner Oxfam, they planted their millionth tree and didn’t want to stop there. To date, the company have planted over three million trees on four continents, and donated more than £1 million to Oxfam.
Now they want to do even more. Because of the staggering rate at which our planet’s rainforests are being cut down, planting trees just isn’t enough. Up to 25% of the world’s carbon emissions come from the destruction of these precious trees. The positive impact of protecting them would be phenomenal – so we’re aiming to save as many as possible.

And you can help! By buying Yorkshire Tea, you too can help the environment and make sure that the people who grow the tea used get a good life and live in an environment that is managed and sustainable.

Yorkshire Tea (both in bag and loose form) are available from

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